Guille Martí Revillo Photography Contest

Terms & Conditions

The contest eligibility is open to individuals from 18 and above. We are not looking for professionals; we are looking for the best image.

We want to reward the best photographs in the activities Guille was passionate about:

Snow sport


To participate, fill out this form and upload your photograph through the following link which will be active starting on October 27th. You can submit a maximum of 3 photographs, in JPG format, with a minimum resolution of 300 ppp. The file cannot be over 6 Mb.

The photographs are required to be original, without editing, and they ought not to have received any previous rewards. If you have decided to edit them, please save the original photographs in JPG or RAW.


Entries will be accepted starting October 27, 2017 through December 27, 2017. The results will be publicly available on January 27, 2018, along with the distribution of the awards.


You can win:
First place: 1.127 euros
Second place: 527 euros
Third place: 327 euros

These amounts are subject value added tax according to the corresponding law.


The panel of judges will be made up of 5 professionals ranging from fields of photography to distinguished athletes with surmountable experience in the themes around the contest.


If you participate in the contest, you must guarantee that the photograph you present is original, and that you are the legitimate and sole owner of the rights to the photograph. Additionally, the photograph may not violate any rights of a third party. Please ensure that the images presented have the consent of those who appear in them, and the permission pertinent to the places pictured in the photographs when required. You are responsible to ensure that no third party holds rights over the photographs submitted, assuming full ownership and rights to the photograph.

In the processing of the photographs, proper adjustments of the digital revelation will be admitted (white balance, exposition, levels, contrast, saturation, focus, deleting vignettes…), as well as limited cropping and edits to the definition of the image. Altercations or manipulations of the image and/or part(s) of the image which implies that the image reflects a reality different from that photographed will not be admitted.

If your photograph reaches the final stage of deliberation, we may request from you, if necessary, through whichever means, the details of the image which the panel of judges may find pertinent. The organizers and judges of the contest may reject any photographs that do not fall under the given bases, themes and categories of the contest.

This contest will reject any request that is made for commercial interest by a third party, including but not limited to requests for the assignment, loan, exploitation, to sale, etc. of the personal information of the contestants, as well as the photographs submitted by them to the contest. If there is any knowledge of the existence of a pretence to purchase an image or the rights to an image, the organization will put the the interested party directly in contact with the author of the photograph, with the purpose to arrange what they deem appropriate.

The personal information you provide will be treated according to the “Ley Organica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Proteccion de Datos de Caracter Personal” – the December 13, 1999 law protecting personal information – allowing individuals to exercise their rights to access, rectify and cancel.

Participating in the first edition of the Photography Contest Guille Marti Revillo implies that you accept all of these requirements. The organization will resolve any unforeseen events not included herein.

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