Winners of the 1st Edition

The first editions' judges panel was made up for the following: Bleda and Rosa, Andoni Canela, Kepa Acero, Mario Rabasco Peiró and Patricia García Rodríguez.

First award

Struggle for dominance. Pedro Luís Ajuriaguerra Saiz

“Honestly, I took it the first time I went to a rugby match. The day was chosen carefully. I wanted it to be a rainy day in a field in which the mud was the subject in the spotlight. And not too far from my current place of residence: Bilbao. Once the weather forecast was confirmed, the appropriate match location was to be held in Urbieta, in the field of Gernika Rugby Taldea. At noon, when despite being a day in winter, the light would allow one to appreciate certain licenses. The photo depicts the struggle of power between the two brackets: the first and second line of Samboyana and Gernika compete for a dominant position. In addition, the ball is perceived with some movement which adds more dynamism to the photo.”

Second award

The ocean of rock. Ángel María Pérez Grimaldi

“The image was captured in Teverga, in the heart of the “peaks of Europe” Nothern coast of Spain, which is considered a Mecca for European climbers. The location is composed of a monument of Orange limestone with characteristic grey frills and a striking natural Cathedral. By zooming away from the subject, one can appreciate the size of the ocean of rock and the sunset which brings out the orange nuances of calcium carbonate. The image conveys the beauty, concentration and the harmony that characterizes the adventure sports in the nature, where we all feel present at the very time. "The photo was taken in the autumn light of 2017, with a Sony Alpha 5000 and a lens 16 - 50 f/3.5”

Third award

The road to the sunset. Jesús Marín

“I took it one day when I was with a group of amateur photography for a walk in the huge Park of “La Mitjana”, Lleida. During a sunset, and while crossing one of the bridges over the river Segre, I saw a canoe paddler approaching. I thought of the framing the scene with the sunset in the background and the paddler heading towards it and waited for him to pass through the right place, and ended up capturing that unique moment.”

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