Winners of the 2nd Edition

The second editions judges panel was composed of: Bleda and Rosa, Ana Teresa Ortega, Xavier Ribas, Piluca Alonso y the Hermanos Pou.

First award

Three, twooo, ooone. José Cintas Albiol

“One afternoon I decided to take my son to the Natural Science Museum of Onda (Castellón), the building seen in the background of the image. It is next to a beautiful spot and so I took the camera to take some pictures inside the museum. Right in front of the building there is a football field and an old basketball court, a sport that Dani loves and, after leaving the museum, we began to play. I fell for the precious light with which the moment rewarded us, together with the environment eroded by time. While Dani struggled to dunk in those -baskets -they were very high for him-, I simply enjoyed the scene and kept shooting with my camera non-stop. The atmosphere created by the sunset and the tension of the scene encouraged me to present this image, in particular, for this beautiful contest.”

Second award

Within the mist. Carlos Punyet Miró

“I am a private pilot and fond of photography, especially landscape. I always take advantage of flying with a Cessna 172N, to make this type of photography, which is impossible to capture if you're not at a certain height. I took this photograph on a February morning, from the plane, at 12,000 feet (about 3,600 meters), flying over the area of the Berguedà in the Pyrenees. When looking at the panorama, I was fascinated by the image of the mountains, the mists and the clouds with the silhouette of the mountain of Montserrat in the background. I usually have to shoot using a Canon 7d Mark II type of camera inside the cockpit while flying, so as to avoid glare. I also use dark clothing for covering and I open the diaphragm as much as possible. Precisely, this photo was taken at a speed of 1/1000 sec., with F 6.3, Target at 32 mm. and an ISO of 100. Given the bluish coloration at that height, I preferred to run it through monochrome to try to obtain some contrast.”

Third award

Giant waves. Iñaki Unamuno Iriondo

“I took this photo from the cliffs of Punta Galea, in Getxo (Vizcaya), a coastal town that overlooks the Cantabrian and the estuary of Bilbao. It was the day of a competition termed “the Punta Galea BIG WAVE SURF EVENT”, where the best surfers around the world met under the category of big waves. The forecast of waves was magnificent, 5-6 meters without rain, which is an important detail for these latitudes in the case of a winter day, being December the 30th. I went there with my Nikon D-750 and the longest lens I have, Sigma 120-400; And the truth is that I was not disappointed, neither by the waves, nor by the surfers who rode on them. Spectacular. The image transmits the energy and strength of the wave and as a counterpoint to the vulnerability, dexterity and bravery of the surfer. I think it reflects the grandiosity of surfing.”

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