Guille Martí Revillo

Photography Contest

Winners of the 3rd Edition

First award

Curves. Ambrosy2. Antonio Sabuco Blaya

“After two hours of crossing, between the late summer sun and the winds that caressed the surface of the North Atlantic in Azores (Portugal), we approached an undetermined point in the middle of the sea. As soon as we dived, a soal of elegant and curious, Chilean devil ray (Mobula tarapacana) appeared in the middle of the journey. Like towering ocean birds, they majestically glided away through the Gulf Stream.” Instagram /sabu726

Second award

Betweem two worlds. Pablo Benedito Botella

“Located in the Haute-Alpes region of France, the Céüse crag is one of the most incredible places to climb, renowned for having the best limestone in the world. One summer afternoon, as the sun's rays shook the mountains while caressing their summits, the difficulty to move, made the falls appear natural, precipitating the climber and tensing the rope in a matter of few seconds. For me, this photograph is gravity. It is what surrounds us, sometimes making us fragile, sometimes forcing us to fight on and sometimes, without us noticing, lets ourselves be carried away.” Instagram /pablo_benedito

Third award

The Milky Way. Jesús Marín Marín

“Last summer of 2019, I was enjoying a few days in the refuge of Ayous (French Pyrenees), alongside my friends, who happen to be keen on photography. We had spent the day taking pictures of the surroundings and to top it off, we decided to photograph the stars as the sky was cloudless. Looking at the sky, I noticed the arch of the Milky Way peeking just above the Midi d'Ossau, displaying all its majestic beauty and I thought I could not walk away without capturing it all in a photograph.” Instagram /jesusmarinm79

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